About us

A company with an authentic and innovative soul, thank to its attention to detail and production know-how. Pier&co. enjoys a consolidated image that stands out in the international fashion world, and it boasts partnerships with well-known brands.

Among our customers we are proud to list Azzedine Alaia, Barney's, Dior Homme, Dries van Noten, Figue, Goop, Karl Lagerfeld, Paul Helbers, Superfine, Thom Browne, Tommy Hilfiger, Vetements, Urban Zen.

Our tradition

P&C is an Italian excellence that combines tailoring production to innovative design. The company stands out in the international fashion world, and it boasts productions for well-known brands and designers, incorporating an experience that was founded in 1970.



The building

In 1970, the renowned Italian architect Carlo Scarpa designed a new building to house Pier in Casale sul Sile, 36 km from Venice. The building welcomes its visitors into a family atmosphere with bright, warm open-spaces.

With his foresight, Carlo Scarpa designed a modern building whose architecture has a positive effect on the work of its employees, one that is as beneficial today as it was 40 years ago. The entire company production cycle is carried out in this building, which includes offices, design studios and workshops, where ideas come to life.

Craftsmanship and innovation

The heart of Pier is the 100% traditional Italian quality of its fabrics and garments. Its clothing is tailored with Italian flair and precision craftsmanship; furthermore, the most advanced techniques enable us to make unique personalized garments.    

These qualities identify us as a true Italian clothes designer and producer.

 Our products.

Our goods increase the value of women's and men's designer clothing collections.  The company produces tailored suits, shirts, denim and leather clothes, casual trausers designed for men. Futhermore, we create smart suits, dresses, shirts, casual skirts and trausers, t-shirts, denim and leather clothes for women.

Production process

We ensure our customers quality products and precision craftsmanship by employing expert staff who will assist the client throughout the whole production process. Furthermore, the constant search for and study of materials and exclusive designs contribute to the style of the collection. Our innate feel for fashion will satisfy any customer requirements with unique, original and cutting-edge items.

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Production department


The creation process begins in the production department: here we receive the input from the fashion houses’ design departments, which allows us to get into the atmosphere of the collection. The work proceeds to the next department, where we analyze the clients’ fashion sketches in order to turn their visions into reality.

Scelta dei tessuti

Raw material inspection


We proceed with the purchasing department: we provide our customers with sophisticated high quality products after a careful research of materials.

Proto sample


The creation of the first pattern follows the analysis of the sketches and the fabric’s selection: this is an important step to understand the right fitting of the cloth. After that, we make the sample with the actual fabric; a dressmaker then makes a first proto sample. 



The sample is tested on a tailor dummy for an inspection in terms of quality and fitting.



A definitive sample is made with sophisticated computer programs.



After these steps, the manufacturing production starts to fulfill the stylist order. We give each cloth attention to details and final touches.

Sewing finishing touches


Next, the cloth returns to the operator who sews by hand the last details before the manikin test.

Quality assurance department


The garment is subjected to a final test on a tailor dummy to ensure its quality.


Pier&Co e l’Università Ca’ Foscari Venezia


Il 14 marzo 2016 la società P&C srl ha istituito una borsa di studio per il dottorato di ricerca in management dell'università Ca' Foscari di Venezia.
Il dottorando svolgerà l'attività di ricerca prevalentemente presso la sede universitaria, ovvero, con il consenso dell'interessato, presso la nostra azienda, previa predisposizione di un piano di studio.
La ricerca svolta in esecuzione della presente convenzione, sarà oggetto di relazioni periodiche che riporteranno il complesso delle attività svolte e dei risultati acquisiti.


Dispositivi di Protezione Individuale certificati

Camici e tute di protezione

Per rispondere all'emergenza Coronavirus, Pier & Co. ha messo a disposizione la propria esperienza e il proprio know-how per la produzione di camici e tute di protezione in tessuto idrorepellente di varie tipologie, da destinare alle principali aziende sanitarie.

Prodotti e documentazione

Dispositivi di protezione individuale di III^ categoria


Camice di protezione monouso con maniche a giro, polsini elasticizzati in maglina, chiusura posteriore con velcro al collo e cintura in vita:

Codice SA100TE12120
Modello base, in Polipropilene + film di polietilene microporoso 65 g/m2 art. Puntiform




Codice SA100TE12121
Variante in Polipropilene + film di polietilene art. 56040 VEL IMP PET 70 g/m2 colore bianco




Codice SA100TE12130
Variante in Polipropilene + film di polietilene art. AXAR 54 g/m2





Codice SA100TE12185
Variante in Polipropilene + film di polietilene art. DUPLEX ME54SC 54 g/m2 colore azzurro






Tuta di protezione contro agenti infettivi con elastico alle caviglie, polsi, vita e cappuccio, chiusura con cerniera ricoperta e velcro al collo.

Codice SA500TE12130
Modello in polipropilene + film di polietilene art. AXAR AL/DL 54 g/m2 colore azzurro







Where we are

Contact us


P&C srl

Via Nuova Trevigiana Casale, 87

31037 Casale Sul Sile (TV) Italy

Email: info@pierco.it

Tel. +39 0422 820358

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